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International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
IALANA works to prevent nuclear war, abolish nuclear weapons, strengthen international law and encourage the peaceful resolution of international conflicts. LCNP serves as the UN Office of IALANA and is a US affiliate. A second US affiliate is Western States Legal Foundation, Oakland, California.

Middle Powers Initiative
Through the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), eight international non-governmental organizations work primarily through middle power governments to encourage and educate the nuclear weapons states to take immediate practical steps that reduce nuclear dangers and to commence negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons. IALANA is one of the co-sponsoring organizations. As IALANA’s UN Office, LCNP is a major contributor to the work of MPI, helping plan events and preparing briefing papers.

Abolition 2000
Co-founded by LCNP in 1995, Abolition 2000 is a network of more than 2000 groups and municipalities in more than 90 countries working toward a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons. In the United States, LCNP participates in a related group, the Nuclear Disarmament and Redefining Security Working Group of United for Peace and Justice.

Global Action to Prevent War
Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) is a network of academics, policy analysts, and civil society groups worldwide dedicated to removing institutional and ideological impediments to ending war-related violence and severe human rights violations. It promotes a phased program of global disarmament, enhanced human rights and peacekeeping capabilities within the UN and other transnational organizations, women’s leadership in peace and security policy, and a culture of peace. IALANA is a member of GAPW; GAPW’s international secretariat shares an office suite with LCNP.

Mayors for Peace
Mayors for Peace is an international association of mayors, headed by the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that campaigns for the global elimination of nuclear weapons. More than 5,000 cities in more than 150 countries and regions are members, including more than 150 US cities. With support from the Ford Foundation, LCNP joined with the North American coordinator of Mayors for Peace, Jacqueline Cabasso, to organize conferences on peace, environment, and cities in Des Moines and Madison in 2008 and 2009, among other activities. See also US Conference of Mayors resolutions calling for nuclear disarmament and supporting Mayors for Peace.

Middle Powers Initiative Framework Forum: Inaugural Session, May 1, 2012, Vienna
Building a Framework for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World: Laying out the Map, John Burroughs, Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper, April 2012
Building the Legal Framework for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World, Remarks of John Burroughs, May 1, 2012

A Global Law to Ban Nuclear Weapons, Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper, November 2011

The Humanitarian Imperative for Nuclear Disarmament, John Burroughs, Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper, September 2010

A Global Undertaking: Realizing the Disarmament Promise of the NPT, John Burroughs, Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper, January 2010

Atlanta Consultation III: Fulfilling the NPT, sponsored by Middle Powers Initiative, January 20-22, 2010

Making Good on the Promises: From the Security Council Summit to the 2010 NPT Review, Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper, October 2009


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